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215 Button of Doom Icons
[Megamind] Minion sparks
cgaussie wrote in confuzzled_icon
Yes. From a 13 minute short I created 215 icons. Um. Wow.


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CG, you're made of WIN! These icons made me laugh a lot XDDD <33
taking a few ^^

Wow, CG. Just. Wow.

You are amazing.

These are all so wonderful and just.

Dayum. 215? YOU'RE CRAZY.

But we love you that way. 8D

Ooh, I think I might use one... or two of these!

Hee, they're so cute! The icons...and the two of them.

Anyway, see! Megs does have something down there. XD

Not.... really. It's still impossibly smooth, to me.

There are two expressions of him with the goggles that I'd never noticed. They are adorkable.
Thank you ^-^

AWESOMENESSSSSS! I was sooo glad Megs went BACK to the Villain suit. >

At "Drop your pants!" I immediately thought of An Evening With Kevin Smith. Thank you for that!

omg. so many. SO MANY.

...I will be saving all of these.

These are too amazing for words and I want to use every single one of them forever.

I have no idea how to describe the awesomeness of these...

You rock. To the max :D

I will be taking a few of these, thank you for creating them. Will credit.

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